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Share the value of Bond Optimiser with those who need it. Let them know the impact that Bond Optimiser has had on you and those around you. Watch this video to learn more:
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How it works

We send you a unique link to our website that you can share with others.
When a lead is successful, your unique link informs us that it was you that made the referral.
*A successful lead means that the deal has been registered at the Deeds Office.
*We arrange payment with you as soon as the deal is registered.

R2500 per successful lead

And it just gets better from there.
Successful Lead #1

R2 500

Successful Lead #2

R2 500

Successful Lead #3

R2 500

Successful Lead #4

R2 500

Successful Lead #5

R10 000

We give you R2 500.00 cash for the first 4 successful leads associated with your unique referral link. We give you R10 000.00 cash for every 5th successful lead associated with your unique referral link.**
After every 5 leads, the lead cycle starts again. The lead cycle is limited to a maximum of 12 months and starts when your first successful lead is registered.***
** The above is only applicable when all successful referrals are associated with the same unique link. Multiple unique links, even used by the same individual, will not qualify for the R10 000.00 paid out for every fifth consecutive successful lead.

*** Successful leads that are registered outside of the 12 month lead cycle will automatically fall into your next lead cycle.

Tools to help you

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This brochure covers everything about Bond Optimiser.
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