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In 3 months or less, we can get you out of debt review, or help you avoid it.
Consolidation loans can be a lifesaver if you are struggling to pay off multiple debts.
However, an even better way for homeowners is consolidating those loans into your bond, your cheapest form of finance, and save even more.
Unlocking the value in your home will allow you to get up to R1.5 million when no one else will give it to you.
You can use this to pay off outstanding accounts such as municipality bills, tuition fees, personal loans, and access extra funds to improve your quality of life.

Using this financial solution we’ll help you completely avoid debt review and judgements.

Are you under debt review? Not a problem! In 3 months or less you will be out of debt review and have judgements removed. After we have consolidated your loans into your bond, the only payment you will be required to make is your bond payment, and it will be cheaper than it is now.
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On average we save our clients R8000 per month.
In addition your credit score will go up, your profile will improve, and banks will be more forthcoming to assist you.
All while you remain the owner of your home!
Our team of experts is here to provide tailored advice and assistance to help you make the best decision for your particular situation, so talk to us.
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Access to credit when no one else will.

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Securing her child’s future
When Deputy Principal Thobeka Ntubuntu found herself in debt and unable to secure a loan for her daughter’s university fees, she turned to Bond Optimiser for help.
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